We are back to announce a new release to our ExoPlanets Series. Our “Detroit homie” Terrence Dixon bring us 2 originals tracks to which Dasha Rush and 30drop did their personal vision with great remixes.

Release Info:
The visionary from Detroit, Terrence Dixon, is back to 30D Records with an exquisite pack of vanguard tastefully built on Techno. This fifth chapter of the ExoPlanets series is powered with two original cuts and a pair of remixes.
The homonymous title track, “Digital Ladder”, sinks us to a hypnotic state conducted by a dreamy and evocative sequence. The big Dasha Rush takes over the message and reframes it getting percussive expressiveness and savoir faire on her remix.

B side starts with the second Dixon’s proposal, “This Is A Test”. Same artistic tools, different discourse, shape and result. On this track, experimentalism gets us higher with a fanciful cyclic pattern, garnished with sporadic ascensions, that streams on a subtile bassdrum. 30drop takes the relay to carry up the message to his own stylistic universe constructing a fine solid remix.

“Digital Ladder” is an abstract and immersive trip to some place beyond the consciousness that relies into the core of the vanguard dancefloor. You can’t miss it!

A1: Digital Ladder [Original Mix] – 5:46
A2: Digital Ladder [Dasha Rush Remix] – 6:17
B1: This Is A Test [Original Mix] – 4:36
B2: This Is A Test [30drop Remix] – 6:07

Extra Info:
Title:Digital Ladder EP
Cat. Number: 30DEXO-005
Artist: Terrence Dixon. Remixers: Dasha Rush, 30drop.
Release Date: 11th December 2017
Formats: Vinyl and Digital
Vinyl Distribution: Ready Made Distribution. www.readymadedistribution.com
Digital Distribution: Finetunes. htttp://solutions.finetunes.net


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