30drop Records

The label was set up simultaneously to the artistic project and through it, 30drop publishes its own music. This label is the physical expression of its vital, universal conclusions and experiments in a musical format that defines the existence of parallel, holographic universes and fractal geometry of all existence.



The dissertation about its conclusions and ideas is a very important part of 30drop’s work. Drawing from other opinions and viewpoints is necessary to allow it to move forward in an incessant search for a response to all that is creational. An exoplanet is one that orbits a star other than the Sun. That is how 30drop ExoPlanets was born. This name is used to refer to work by other producers who, although not a part of the core of 30drop, work in the same direction, with the same artistic and musical concerns and who contribute to the musical and conceptual universe of the label.



30drop is aware of the importance of sessions for the club culture. In an attempt to make this part of the whole label, the Cassette format gives rise to different DJ sessions and live performances by artists who have a clear interaction with 30drop.


Visual Arts

The project has a enormous influence of the graphic side, which is an essential facet of the label. 30drop works on visual projects as Video Art or A/V Installations developed in accordance with same parameters, concepts and ideas of the general project to make this universe visible and convert their works into a relevant part of the label.

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